Monday, June 18, 2018

Resource - From long ago

When I started in my own recovery, I did not live in a place where there was an LDS ARP group for spouses of addicts.  I attended S-Anon, which was a great help to be in a room with other women experiencing the same pain.  As helpful as the material was, I wished that it would have been more specific in turning to Jesus Christ instead of a "higher power".  I do not mean that as a criticism at all.  The materials in S-Anon are incredibly useful!  I still have mine and have since given some away and ordered more for myself.

However, once I found the LDS ARP for spouses I started using the 12 Step Guide.  Even though it speaks to the addict, it turned me directly to my Savior.  The wisdom and guidance also spoke healing to my soul.  Still, I wanted something that spoke to me, the spouse.

I "ran away" to Utah so I could attend spouse support groups for myself.  The group was currently using the 12 Step Guide and told us that a new guide was in production just for the spouses and family members.  It gave me hope and I continued to use the 12 Step Guide.

In attending one meeting a sweet sister saw that I was drowning.  She handed me a paper copy of this source: Family Manual (it is found on the site, one of the first sites I found on this journey).  This is not the manual that is currently used in the Spouse and Family Support meetings. 

It was a "bootleg" copy of what had been given to the spouses as a guide, but for whatever reason the copyright was not issued, so the groups had to stop using it.  It is not an official resource endorsed or used in the groups, however it is a valuable resource with powerful guides to healing.

If you feel stuck, as I was, and still find myself, give this one a try.  I wish you great progress and hope along this bumpy road.  Hard, hard, hard, hard, hard.  One step at a time my friends!  We can do this!